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Ford Focus Facelift 2014 :

Ford Focus Facelift 2014 | For the third generation, Ford reunited both international and North American models by releasing the international Mk3 worldwide. The previous North American version was discontinued, and the new model was launched simultaneously in North America and Europe in early 2011, both having started production late in 2010.

In designing the Ford Focus, a group of young designers used what’s called the Third Age Suit in order to simulate the physical limitations of an elderly person. The suit, which restricts the wearer’s movements, allowed for insights that were implemented into the car’s design.

Ford unveiled the Ford Focus at the 2010 North American International Auto Show. The car shown was a five-door hatchback model, also debuting a new 2.0-litre direct injection inline-four engine. A five-door station wagon was also made available at launch. The new generation launched simultaneously in North America and Europe in early 2011, with production having started in late 2010. Production in Asia, Africa, Australia and South America was scheduled to follow later but the plan for Australian production was later dropped and that market and New Zealand were supplied, along with Asia, from a new factory in Thailand where output began in June 2012. This new generation of Focus incorporates a redesigned cabin with new materials and new entertainment technologies. Sharing the same chassis as the LW MKI Focus, the exterior of the Focus has been updated to reflect a more modern style.

A significant amount of the new models of the first year experiences problems with rust underneath the front bonnet, partly due to issues with the seam sealer used between the structural part of the bonnet and the skin, which allowed water to seep in and create corrosion (similarly to other ford models of the period). Other issues included rust developing on the trunk lid of the hatchback model due to vibrations of a plastic insert creating friction and wearing out the paint on the metal skin of the lid. Later models included a relocated emergency break lever, redesigned adjustable front head rest and a redisigned accessory 12v plug that is more ergonomical.

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Ford previewed the third generation facelifted model at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. The updated version features a new redesigned front end design, incorporating Ford’s new family grille and slimline headlights. The sporty ST and an RS model (now sold globally)—which features an upgraded version of the 2.3-litre engine from the Ford Mustang—will continue Ford’s performance range. The RS now has all-wheel drive. The new 2015 model year update Focus range will be offered with Ford’s multi award-winning EcoBoost technology, with a 1.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder powerplant available in 110 and 132 kW (148 and 177 hp) outputs in place of the current older 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre offerings. A revised 2.0-litre turbo-diesel TDCi engine, with an output of 110 kW (148 hp), will also be offered. One of the most anticipated features is the 2016 Ford Focus RS’s “Drift” Mode, which will be the first in the world. [ Read More ]

Ford Focus Facelift 2014 Review :

WAS IT really 16 years ago — the same year as the £2 coin was introduced and the first DVDs arrived in Britain — that Ford launched the original Focus? Apparently so.

When it arrived in 1998, the Focus shook up the small-family-car market. Here was a car that could ride, handle, steer and go at a price that rivals couldn’t match. It looked good inside and out, and, unlike some predecessors from the company whose name critics unkindly quipped stood for “fix or repair daily”, it had excellent build quality.

Now in its third generation, the Focus is Britain’s bestselling small family car, and this new version is set to keep the Focus name burnished. In truth it is merely a mid-life facelift — Ford describes it as an “evolution” rather than a “revolution” — although quite a number of changes have been made to its design and engineering. [ Read More ]


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