hacking Facebook Account
hacking Facebook Account

Facebook Account | Police on Wednesday arrested two persons [ a final year B- student and a media science graduate ] for hacking Facebook Account of a 23-year-old and sending vulgar and obscene messages to all women in the victim’s friend list. A city court remanded them in police custody till January 5.

hacking Facebook Account :

The incident triggered an outrage on the social media on Tuesday with multiple people receiving lewd messages, all from a certain Facebook account. Angry at receiving such lewd posts, people had informed police seeking action against the sender. Police probe later revealed that the account holder was a victim himself since his account was hacked.

Probe revealed that Avirup Paul and Ankush Dutta, both 23-year-old, had hatched a plan to defame victim Sandipan Sadhukhan, also 23, on social media. They didn’t have to go too far for it. They checked for phishing tools to hoodwink their target and got hold of his Facebook log-in details and password. They hacked the Facebook account and then used it to send obscene messages to all women in Sadhukhan’s friends list.

Even as police started a probe, Sadhukhan himself approached the cyber crime cell. He told police his account was hacked. Probe led police to Avirup (a Dum Dum resident) and Ankush (a Nimta resident) who were arrested from near Metro cinema hall. Police said two mobile phones, SIM cards and memory cards have been seized.

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