Internet Spyware

| While the internet is a great tool for research, or for just keeping in touch with e-mail or looking for a perfect gift, there is an annoying problem that is becoming increasingly dangerous for your computer. While everyone understands what a computer virus does, many people are still relatively unaware of the problem that is Internet Spyware.

Internet Spyware

Most Harmful Internet Spyware “Adware” :

Internet Spyware is another word for Advertising Supported software (Adware). There are several large media companies that place banner ads and pop-ups on certain web pages in exchange for a portion of the revenue from banner sales. This is the front for the more harmful Spyware that almost always comes along with it behind the scenes.

Internet Spyware

While the banner placement may be a great concept, the downside is that the advertising companies also install tracking software on your system, which is continuously “calling home” and using your Internet connection to report on everything on your computer and everywhere you go, and then reports this information back to the source program.

While every site you may visit may have a privacy policy about not sharing information, the fact remains that someone put a program on your PC that is sending non-stop information about you and your surfing habits to someone else.

Internet Spyware detection and removal software :

Although Internet Spyware is something that because of its very nature seems like it should be illegal, it actually is not, though there are obviously major privacy issues. Spyware also has a tendency to open your computer up to receiving more computer viruses, which is another reason why someone should look at removing any Spyware from their computer. Spyware detection and removal software often comes with software like Norton ” Download from Here.. ” or McAfee ” Download from Here… “, but there are also plenty of programs out there that exist for the specific purpose of finding and removing Internet Spyware. Any detailed research will help you find programs that you can download to your computer in order to take care of these problems.

There is also the type of Internet Spyware that can be intentionally downloaded to a computer. This type is most often used by parents or guardians to get a monthly report to find out all the various web sites people in their household have visited over the past month.

In some Christian circles, a particular type of Spyware has become popular, where a certain group of friends will receive a monthly list of every web site visited in the past month, as an “accountability” thing. Otherwise, most Spyware is best removed from a computer as soon as it is found.


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