What is Western Union MTCN | Tracking Number ?

MTCN, or Money Transfer Control Number What is it ?, How to use it ?, May i share MTCN with my Friends ?,and  is it a Private Number ?… Check this article to see Answers.

Transfer Money Using the :

Using the Western Union service to transfer money is like buying any other service or product – you’ll get a receipt and it’s best to keep it.

receipt includes a tracking number or MTCN “Money Transfer Control Number”, which is a 10-digit reference code assigned to every single money transfer you make with Western Union.

What is Western Union MTCN

What do I do with the MTCN?

MTCN will be generated regardless of what Western Union service you’re using to transfer money. Whether you’re sending money online internationally to a bank account or from one of WU agent locations to send cash to a family or friends, it’s important to keep your tracking number.

You’ll need to tell your receiver the tracking number (MTCN) so they can pick up their money at one of WU many agent locations. They’ll need to provide an approved form of ID along with the Tracking Number to prove that they are the legitimate receiver of the funds.

Do not disclose the MTCN, or any other details of your transaction, to anyone other than your intended receiver.

Will the MTCN, make process more secure?

Western Union is a global leader in money transfer. Millions of people rely on us each year to send money internationally and around the corner to loved ones, and the tracking number is just another way that makes sure the right person receives their funds.

While it is mandatory for the receiver to provide the MTCN and a valid form of ID, it isn’t a measure. We suggest you familiarise yourself with common scams and fraudulent activity as explained in Western Union Consumer Protection information to protect yourself and your money.

What happens if You have a problem?

If you need to contact Wetsrn Union Customer Care regarding a specific transfer, it’s helpful to provide the tracking number (MTCN).

How to send Money :

Learn how to send money online to your friends and family in more than 200 countries and territories. Sending money online is convenient. you can choose to have money picked up as cash in person or send money directly to a qualifying bank account. It’s simple

1- Sign up for an account online.

2- Choose your sending method.

3- Enter your receiver and payment information.

Make a Transfer by Western Union :

Use This link to send Money : https://www.westernunion.com/au/en/send-money/app/start

Track a Transfer by Western Union :

Use This link to Track Transfers : https://www.westernunion.com/au/en/self-service/app/tracktransfer

After you send money, you’ll get a receipt and each receipt includes a unique tracking number (MTCN), which is a 10-digit number assigned to every money transfer you make with Western Union.

How to use the tracking number (MTCN) ?

A unique tracking number (MTCN) will be generated for every Western Union transfer. Whether you’re sending internationally from wu.com to a bank account or sending across the country from an agent location to a friend or family member, it’s important to keep your tracking number (MTCN) safe.

Your receiver will need the tracking number (MTCN) to pick up the money. They’ll also need a government-issued ID to prove they’re the correct receiver. For your protection, don’t share the tracking number (MTCN), or any other details about your transfer with anyone other than the intended receiver.

Can I use  (MTCN) to track transfers?

Log onto wu.com and use your tracking number (MTCN) at Track Transfer. You can also see whether your transfer’s been paid.

Does (MTCN) make my transfer more secure?

While your receiver has to provide the tracking number (MTCN) and a government-issued ID, it isn’t a security measure. It’s just another way to make sure the right person receives your money. To protect yourself, we suggest you read about common scams and frauds.

What if there’s a problems ?

If you need to contact Customer Care regarding a specific transfer, it’s helpful to have the tracking number (MTCN) handy

Western Union History :

The Western Union Company is an American financial services and communications company. Its North American headquarters is in Meridian, Colorado, although the postal designation of nearby Englewood is used in its mailing address. Up until it discontinued the service in 2006, Western Union was the best-known U.S. company in the business of exchanging telegrams.

Western Union has several divisions, with products such as person-to-person money transfer, money orders, business payments and commercial services. They offered standard “Cablegrams”, as well as more cheerful products such as Candygrams, Dollygrams, and Melodygrams.

Western Union, as an industrialized monopoly, dominated the telegraph industry in the late 19th century. It was the first communications empire and set a pattern for American-style communications businesses as they are known today. [ Read More… ]

WU Scam industry :

WU  has been required to maintain records of payout locations of the individuals who may be laundering the money, though this information may be obtained only through the use of a subpoena.

Hence advance-fee fraud and romance scammers continue to receive funds via WU confident in the knowledge that money lost to overseas scammers is almost always unrecoverable. For this reason, it is banned as a medium of payment through eBay, and discouraged on other online auction websites. [ Read More… ]

Western Union Services :

Western Union’s website, westernunion.com, still allows users to send and receive funds to others, pay bills, or purchase gift cards. [ Read More… ]


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